The Need – Veterans Support

For so many veterans who’ve experienced the reality of war, transformation is desperately needed. The numbers are staggering:
  • According to USA Today, 48,000 Afghanistan and Iraq veterans have sought treatment for PTSD
  • Nearly 1 in 4 combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan will suffer from PTSD
  • For these veterans, suicide rate is almost twice the national average
  • 2 out of 3 of their marriages are failing according to Military Ministry
  • Less than 40% of veterans with PTSD will seek help
  • Approximately 33% of homeless males in the U.S. are veterans
  • On any given night, more than 300,000 veterans are living on the streets or in shelters in the U.S.
  • About 70% of homeless veterans suffer from substance abuse problems. 45% of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness including PTSD
  • Between 529,000 and 840,000 veterans are homeless at some time during the year


CBS News did an investigation and what it revealed was stunning. Of the more than 30,000 suicides each year in America – about 20 percent are committed by veterans. In 2005, for example, there were at least 6,256 suicides among those who served in the armed forces. That’s 120 each and every week, in just one year. “Those are devastating,” said Paul Sullivan, a former analyst who is now an advocate for veterans. “Those numbers clearly show an epidemic of mental health problems,” he said. Sen. Murray said the numbers CBS News uncovered are significant: “These statistics tell me we’ve really failed people that served our country. If these numbers don’t wake up this country, nothing will. Everyone of us has a responsibility to the men and women who serve us that they aren’t lost when they come home.” Jarrett:
“One of the world’s greatest lies is, ‘people don’t change.’ And the truth is, most people don’t because to change behavior, to transform, you need to be consistent, disciplined and most of all, you need personal integrity. Most people lack all of three… but to be a student at our school, you must be solid in all three or you won’t last. I believe the impact this is will have on their “recovery” would be nothing short of miraculous, but I must say, this training is not for everyone and that’s a good thing. It’s not some acting class or workshop. This is world class training and that comes at a price because these veterans will be held to the same standards all students at my school are held to – which means they must be accountable, professional, humble, respectful, consistent, dedicated, congruent and passionate about their dream to study with me. If they are, they will leave here with the foundation to their dream in place. They will be empowered to share their voice and their stories with the world through not only their acting but the films and plays they will produce, write and direct.”