Why We need to Support the Underprivileged and Underserved

With the growing deficit and economic crisis facing our public school system statewide, the first and biggest budget cuts have been programs for the arts. These cuts have made opportunities for the Underprivileged and underserved to have access to world-class training in the arts almost impossible. This “cost-saving” has comes at an enormous price:

  • Lack of access and opportunities for artistic expression, namely, world-class theater education and entertainment.
  • Without the exposure to theater, acting education and creative opportunities for personal and professional development, artistic opportunities that empower people of all ages and make a difference in their lives and in their communities is going away.
  • Barriers such as cost and geographic isolation diminish access to the arts. There are many individuals who cannot afford the costs of a professional acting class. Many in lower-income communities and schools may not ever be given access to a single professional theater show as well.

What does this mean for individuals who traditionally have less access to the arts (e.g. students attending schools in lower-income neighborhoods and with cuts in arts programming)? The large majority of individuals from these underserved and underprivileged communities will never have access or opportunities to any theater, let alone to become a “Meisner-trained” actor or to see a play with professional actors. That is, unless they are sponsored by the JP Meisner Foundation.

There are many individuals from lower economic situations who would benefit from this professional acting training and who would desire to participate in JP Meisner Foundation programs.

The JP Meisner Foundation will outreach to diverse populations in Northern California, which include faculty and administrators for schools K-12 (specifically those residing in the counties of Marin, Alameda and San Francisco), prioritizing those with cuts in funding to the arts and who are interested in participating in a world-class acting education.